Resources for Teaching and Learning

Sherean Jessica Vaz

Posted date: 12:00 AM July 8, 2016

Collaboration - An Essential 21st Century Skill

The four global forces - demographics, resource demand, globalisation and climate change, entwined with the fifth force, technology, will shape the future (Smith, 2010). Hedely Beare’s (2001) ‘I am the future’s child’ questions the design of pedagogy, curriculum and assessment in schools to equip children for the future world.


Allen Lok Fun Luen

Posted date: 12:00 AM July 5, 2016

Classroom Management and Instructional Delivery for Large Groups - An Overview of Strategies in Institutes of Higher Learning

This article outlines some of the methods that are useful in overcoming the challenges in teaching large classes. These methods include using simple teaching and a variety of information technologies to enhance the learning environment.


Betty Kan-Sekine

Posted date: 12:00 AM June 30, 2016

Molding Future Leaders

A student once shared; “Parents raise us but teachers raise our mind.” This seemingly simple statement has since profoundly impacted the way I perceive my role as an educator. Being in a position to influence students’ thinking, behavior and, most of all, their desire to be future ready, is a noble cause that has become my personal career mission.


Balwant Singh

Posted date: 12:00 AM June 24, 2016

Student-Centered Learning - A Practical Perspective

The purpose of this article is to introduce the concept of student-centered learning as a complementary tool to more traditional teaching methods.


Dr Phil Stephenson

Posted date: 9:00 AM August 26, 2013

Motivating Students in a Mathematics Class

I have been teaching mathematics courses in the University of London programme at SIM for more than 15 years. Although I have improved a lot as a lecturer since 1996, there is still much room for improvement.