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Student Life Landing Career Services

Career Development

We have a myriad of services initiated by SIM GE Career Development Office to help you with your transition from being a student to a
successful executive.

Student Life Landing Education Abroad

Global Learning

At Global Learning, our goal is to help you orientate your attitude, acquire knowledge, develop skills and enrich your global experience

Student Life Landing Leadership & Personal Development

Student Development

Choose from over 70 clubs and student councils covering sports, arts and culture, international student communities, leadership and development, and special interests

Student Life Landing International Student Committee

International Student Community

You are not alone, as we bond and help each other adjust to living and studying in Singapore

Learning Support

Learning Support

We support you in your learning journey by offering a range of programmes to assist you to improve your academic performance and personal development

Peer-Assisted Learning

Peer-Assisted Learning

You will study a specific subject better by learning in a group with your peers led by a senior student

Student Life Landing Scholarship


Recognition for the best of the best, scholarships are more than affirmations, they are a bridge for you into your careers

Student Life Landing Wellness


A healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy spirit lead to optimal, successful living

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