Student Life

Student Involvement Centre

Student life on campus is a rich and sometimes, bewildering experience. From your choice of studies to the wide range of sports, social and arts activities, it is like being a kid in a candy store. We at the Student Involvement Centre are here to help you.

We strive to provide you with updated information on events and activities that will allow you to experience the fullness of campus life and maximise your experience of your sojourn at SIM Global Education.

You can speak with one of our Student Involvement Representatives (SIR) and tap into their personal experience to help you navigate through the sea of choices and find a perfect involvement for you. Your participation in the various campus activities will help you solidify your learning and development, both intellectually, and as a person.

Getting Started

Drop by our Student Involvement Centre located at Block B, Level 1, 1.17A. Remember that this is a place created for you and staffed by our SIRs who really want to help you find the most exciting area of involvement for you. Don’t be shy.

  • Allen Tan

    Director of Operations; SIM – RMIT Student Council Impact Award Recipient, Student Involvement Representative

    I came to develop public relations skills; getting to know people from all walks of life and working with them and this is exactly what you need in the work life now. It has opened up my mind and my experience. And these are skills that I can keep for my lifetime.

  • Ang Pei Xian

    Director of Events; SIM – UOW Student Council Impact Award Recipient

    (As Director of Events) I would definitely hope that my effort has, in some way, created impact on my peers to join me in enriching student life at SIM.

  • Hazwani Alwi

    Director of Welfare; SIM-UB Student Council Impact Award Recipient

    The experience ... Gives me a sense of direction in finding my passion in life, and hopefully guiding me towards achieving my dream of having a balanced-family-and-career lifestyle in the future.

  • Joanne Chua

    Head of Welfare; SIM-UOB Student Council Impact Award Recipient

    I recalled the all painstakingly but rewarding experience as Head of Welfare. I’ve learnt a lot from working with the student body and they become my personal source of motivation that drives me to serve them better.

  • Abdul Rahman Kamarudin

    General Secretary; SIM-UB Student Council Impact Award Recipient, Student Involvement Representative

    Being involved in activities in school, it equips one with a skill, a knowledge that not many people have.