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Scholars' Network

Introduction & Background to SIM GE Scholars’ Network   


The SIM GE Scholars’ Network (SSN) was established in 2011 by SIM GE Scholars with the aim of bringing positive change to SIM and the community.

To be a Network that challenges the mind and inspires the heart, both within the student population of SIM and in the community.
SIM GE Scholars come together to share experiences and to organise projects for students and the community. The Mission of the Scholars Network is:
1.       To fulfil each scholar's potential through personal development, social networking, and career preparation
2.       To benefit the general student body through peer support and resource sharing
3.       To promote SIM GE brand through representation in marketing events and on marketing collaterals
4.       To give back to society through engagement in community service and promotion of social awareness
Core Values 
The Core Values of the Network are Humility, Integrity, and Mutual Respect.
As recipients of the SIM GE Scholarship, membership into the Network is automatic and mandatory.
Members of the Network are required to fulfil the requirements stipulated in the scholarship agreement.



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