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Global experience


The world's your platform when you enrolled at SIM Global Education. Besides your regular course of study, you will have opportunities to study abroad in the world's top institutions of learning, including London School of Economics ,University of Cambridge, University of California, Boston University, and Chinese University of Hong Kong, Other global programmes include internships and study trips to organisations and multinational corporations.

Over 80 Programmes


SIM Global Education brings together a broad range of academic study programmes from universities in UK, Europe, the United States and Australia. From Accounting and Aviation to Retail Marketing and Psychology, there will be a tertiary programme to suit your personal preference, professional need and career requirement. 

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Diverse student life


We don't want you to just study, attend lectures, write assignments and pass exams. We want you to develop into a well-rounded individual and a leader through participation in sports, cultural and performing arts, intellectual pursuits and many more special interest clubs.

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International Students


You meet, and study together with fellow students from Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, China and more. You appreciate and enjoy one another’s cultures, traditions, and even food, all within the SIM campus.


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