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The University of London is one of the great universities of the world. Today, the University of London International Programmes is truly international in character with over 50,000 students from 180 different countries. Academic direction of programmes offered at SIM GE is provided by Goldsmiths, the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University College London.

UOL programmes at SIM GE are Business, Management, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Banking, International Relations, Politics, Mathematics, IT and Computing.

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        Graduates of the University of London degree gain a high quality, internationally recognised qualification that lays the foundation for their whole careers. CCA and career guidance help to foster well-rounded graduates, who can make immediate contributions to top employers.

Sir Adrian Smith
Vice Chancellor, University of London

Ang Wee Kian

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing and Information Systems



A record breaking 191 First-Class Honours recipients from the 2016 graduating cohort!

Other achievements include:
32 Toppers
34 Prize Winners
26 Commendations
12 Diploma in Economics Distinctions
3 International Foundation Programme Distinctions

Congratulations to the latest graduates.

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Dr Zhang Jianlin, Head of Programme and University of London Alumnus, publishes his scientific research

SIM is pleased to celebrate the publication of scientific research on a leading internationally refereed journal in economic science, Experimental Economics, by our Head of Programme, Dr Zhang Jianlin.

 ZhangJianlin Article 1

Dr Zhang Jian Lin (Right), Ms Sylvia Yeo - SIM (Middle), Professor Roy Chandler - Cardiff University (Left)

In this research article, Putting a Price Tag on Others’ Perceptions of Us, Dr Zhang and his co-author, Associate Professor Yohanes Eko Riyanto from Nanyang Technological University, evaluate whether people care about the imputed judgment of anonymous individuals which  arise from  their perceptions. The research is done using the laboratory experimental method Variants of the Becker-DeGroot-Marschak mechanism were implemented to elicit the monetary value attached to the perceptions of participants. In one variant, only nonnegative bids were allowed, while only negative bids were allowed in another.

The results show that in an environment in which perceptions of others are only conveyed to participants anonymously and privately, self-interested individuals exhibited strong negative perception avoidance even though the perceptions had no impact on their monetary payoff. The participants were willing to spend a significant amount in order to avoid confirming the supposedly negative perception. Thus, for them, ignorance was truly bliss. In the absence of the audience effect, the results also show that fair-minded participants adopted a neutral attitude towards the perception of them as fair.  

ZhangJianlin Article 2

In addition to his administrative duties as the Head of Programme for University of London International Programmes and his teaching responsibilities for some EMFSS courses in economics and finance, Dr Zhang is also active in conducting scientific research in economics. He is particular interested in using laboratory and field experiments to understand economic behaviours. Students taught by Dr Zhang are often fascinated by his passion to bring experiments into classrooms to shed light on abstract economic theories and concepts.

Dr Zhang has published his research in leading internationally refereed journals such as Economic Inquiry. He has also actively disseminated his research works in international conferences such as Econometric Society World Congress, the most prestigious international conference in the field of economics. Dr Zhang graduated with a B.Sc. in Management (1st Class Honours) from UoLIP and was awarded the LSE External Scholarship to further study an M.Sc. in Accounting and Finance. He was also awarded the prestigious NUS Research Scholarship to study a PhD in Economics at the National University of Singapore. We are particularly proud of Dr Zhang’s affiliation with SIM, UoLIP and the LSE.



Students who were awarded the SIM-LSE Summer School Scholarship 2016

LSE Summer Program 1Lien Zhou Han (Above)
Ishaan Ghai (Right)
Genia Ong (Extreme Right)

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