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Pursue your dreams and career aspirations at SIM GE! Spend a day with us at our Open House and experience a slice of the exciting student life that awaits you. With a wide-range of over 80 programmes from top universities in the UK, US, France and Australia available, you’ll get to sit in mock lectures to hear from experienced lecturers and decide on the course which suits you best. If thrill and adventure is what you seek, head on down to our Student Life booths to learn about the many interest groups that you can be a part of. That’s not all, we’ll have scholarship opportunities, campus tours and exciting performances lined up just for you!
With the diverse campus life here, you’ll also learn of opportunities to gain the Global Edge as you hone your ability, adaptability and employability skills.

►Programme Briefings & Consultations (Diploma, Bachelor, Master)  ►Mock Lectures
►Parent Info Seminar (Diploma & Degree Pathways)                          ►Student Life Talk & Activities
►Campus Tours                                                                                    ►Scholarship Talk

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