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Self-help & Resources

There are many avenues through which you can learn more about wellness. The following is just a short list of resources which might be helpful for you:

Stress Management

Stress management      


            Manage Stress Before It Manages You [PDF]: Identify signs of stress and get ideas to 
            effectively manage it.





Eating Disorders



Stress, Eating & Healthier Alternatives [PDF]: If you tend to snack more when
you're stressed, here are some ways to minimize weight gain. Check out some
stress-relieving foods and alternatives to caffeine as well.


Tobacco Control
The Quick Fix 

 A Quit-Fix Guide to a Smoke-Free Life [PDF]: What really motivates you to
 smoke?  Is quitting possible? This self-help guide will provide insights and
 help you in your quest to quit.

 Help someone quit smoking

Help Someone Quit Smoking—Supporter’s Guide [PDF]: This comprehensive tool
will help you offer the most effective kind of help your loved one needs to
successfully quit smoking.

Studies & Productivity
Studies & Productivity

Effective Studying [PDF]: What, how, where and when to study? Learn study tips


Motivation [PDF]: The secret to keeping motivated is really about setting goals and
being focused on them.

 Stress management(2)

Coping with Stress [PDF]: Identify harmful symptoms of stress and learn the top 10
ways to reduce stress. 


Procrastination [PDF]: Learn how to minimize procrastination and identify which
type of procrastinator you are, if you are one. 

 Time Management

Time Management [PDF]: 7 suggestions to help you develop optimal time
management skills. 

Gambling Addiction
Gambling Addiction  

National Addictions Management Service [PDF]: Learn about the
various programmes that NAMS conducts to support people aiming
to manage addictions. 

 Gambling Addiction(1)


Gambling Addiction [PDF]: Recognise signs of a gambling problem and
consider how treatment may be useful.

Exercise & Physical Activity


Let's Get Active!


Let's Get Active! [PDF]: According to the National Health Survey 2010, the
proportion of obese adults aged 18 to 69 years increased from 6.9% in
2004 to 10.8% in 2010. Find ways to counter excuses that hold you back
from exercising, and find out how to get active today.






Resistance Band Exercises


Resistance Band Strengthening Exercises [PDF]: Have a resistance band,
or thinking of getting one? These exercises can be done at home,
especially if the weather is not in your favour for an outdoor activity.

Understanding Tuberculosis (A Guide for Teachers)
Understanding TB

Understanding TB (A guide for teachers to care for their students) [PDF]:
New cases of TB are still being reported in Singapore, and educators need to be aware
of how TB is spread, what to do and where to seek medical treatment. Find out more 
about TB here.  

Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders

Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT) [PDF]: Read about Angelica’s story of bulimia and learn fast facts on Eating Disorders