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Education Conference 2015

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SIM GE Education Conference 2015

The SIM Global Education (SIM GE) Education Conference is organised annually and aims to provide a learning platform for the SIM GE Academic Community to come together for knowledge exchange in research and best practices related to the educational field. It also serves as a communication channel to provide organizational direction and updates to better align all members of the Community towards SIM GE’s goals and vision. 

This year's theme "Educating Learners of Today for Tomorrow” is in line with the recent roll out of SIM GE graduate attributes.  As we aim to foster graduates who are resourceful, resilient, pragmatic, socially responsible, professionally competent as well as corporate ready, we would like to invite you to explore strategies to shape the classroom experience to infuse these qualities in your students.

Event Details

We are delighted to present attractive prizes and door gifts. Stay tuned for more updates on the event agenda.

Venue: SIM Headquarters (461 Clementi Road) Block A, Level 4, LT A.4.20

Programme  Time
Main Conference 9:00am - 1:00pm
Lunch and Networking 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Internal Communication session for SIM GE lecturers 2:00pm - 2:30pm
Lucky Draw 2:30pm - 2.45pm
Workshop 2:45pm - 4.45pm

Conference highlights

  • Keynote address

  • Exhibition on educational technology solutions

  • Certificate presentation for SIM GE lecturer development programmes

  • Networking and sharing sessions 

Conference Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

Bio of Professor Randy Bass

Randy Bass picture

Randy Bass is Vice Provost for Education and Professor of English at Georgetown University, where he directs the Designing the Future(s) of the University Initiative. For 13 years he was the Founding Executive Director of Georgetown’s Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS).

He has been working at the intersections of new media technologies and the scholarship of teaching and learning for twenty years, including serving as Director of the Visible Knowledge Project, involving 70 faculty on 21 university and college campuses, from which he published in January 2009 a synthesis of findings under the title, “The Difference that Inquiry Makes,” (co-edited with Bret Eynon).

Keynote Address

Teaching to the Whole Student: High-impact Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom

More than ever we need to educate students in the full range of skills, knowledge and abilities to thrive in a complex future, both personally and professionally.  As educational options expand through the global digital learning ecosystem, there is more opportunity than ever to distinguish classroom-based education as a site for “high-impact” learning, where students engage actively with material in mentored and guided ways.

The keynote presentation will first frame the need for teaching to the full formation of students and then offer practical strategies and examples for how to bring the features of high-impact learning into the classroom.  These strategies include approaches that help students invest time and effort in productive ways, learn how to engage in “accountable talk and thought,” make judgments in uncertainty, and learn how to integrate, synthesize and reflect. 

Such strategies are critical in teaching to the whole person, focusing material where knowledge of a field, knowledge of the world and knowledge of the self all intersect.  Delivering and re-framing the teaching of any material in this way serves students both personally and professionally. And it emphasizes what is distinctive about learning that takes place in a face-to-face classroom and community where there is opportunity to connect classroom learning to outside of classroom experience. This distinction will only become more important in a world where so much learning- granular, individual and relatively passive-can be obtained online. 


Creating a More Integrated Education through Learning Portfolios
(Exclusively for SIM GE academic staff and associate lecturers, 30 limited seats available, register now to book your seat)

Learning portfolios have demonstrated positive impact on students in all kinds of higher education settings. They help advance student success, help make learning visible both to faculty and to students and they can help catalyze new approaches in both the curriculum and co-curriculum.

This workshop will look closely into the impact and practices learning portfolios, including making use of the “Catalyst” site, a very extensive resource on digital portfolio practices that was developed out of the Connect to Learning Project, a major national portfolio project in the United States, from 2012-2015.

Participants in this workshop will come away with a better appreciation for what portfolios are, their impact, and how they can be used to create a more integrated educational experience that responds to the full range of attributes that we hope for our graduates. 


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