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Broadening His Horizons

Broadening His Horizons

Growing Through Challenges

Isaac Liu believes in taking on tough challenges. This is why the Bachelor of International Relations student from the University of London decided to take up an internship at the Embassy of the United States, through the Talent Development Programme (TDP). Isaac notes how the US Embassy “can be considered as one of the ‘holy grails’ for an International Relations student.”

“I was offered the opportunity for this internship through a rigorous internal selection process from within the Career Development Intern Organisation (CDIO) - an organisation that was formed to select and train students to be career-ready. The TDP's rigor has set a very good pace and environment to nurture me to thrive in an environment like the Embassy, where maturity in navigating through various protocols and expectations are needed,” shares Isaac.

A Wealth Of Experience

Isaac’s role in the embassy was to support the Commercial Service department for the Singapore Airshow 2016. While his job encompassed administrative work in terms of cold calling, preparation of individualised handouts and liaising of corporate meetings, he was also given opportunities to meet some representatives of the companies that were participating in the Airshow.

“My superiors in the Embassy provided me with a high degree of empowerment. They trusted me to represent the Commercial Services office to make cold calls and send out emails to not only the industry leaders but also advocates and representatives from Washington!” says Isaac.

Valuable Lessons Learned

Reflecting on his internship experience, Isaac believes that he has learnt many valuable lessons along the way. Apart from gaining better understanding on job functions that are more suited to his personality, Isaac has also learnt the value of being more observant of business operations.

“This internship really shaped me into being more observant. This is really important because while businesses can be similar in their aims, in terms of maximising their profits, they differ in their execution and process. This should be learned and re-learned constantly throughout one’s career. With the changing demographics of our world today, due to globalisation, individuals who wish to be highly employable must be highly adaptable and keen learners,” he says.

The Talent Development Programme is an in-house internship pioneered by the SIM GE Career Development Office. The office is located at Block B, Level 1. To learn more about the programme, click here.

By Anjhana Damodaran ,Student, Bachelor of Science International Relations, University of London, UK
Posted online, 21 July 2016