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SIM - UoB graduands’ challenged: What are you uniquely good at?

240 graduands received their degree scrolls at the SIM - University of Birmingham Degree Congregation on 6 November. This ceremony marked the first time the cohorts of two programmes were graduating: the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business Management with Communications, and the Master of Science in International Business.

Mr Winston Tan, Member of the SIM Governing Council, congratulated graduands on their achievements. He also advised them to find their distinctive traits to guarantee their future success. He said, “But what is it that you can do, that is unique? How do you know what are you uniquely good at? As you embark in your new working life, my advice to you is to be especially good at asking people around you, what are the needs that they have and what are the problems that they are prepared to share with you. Thereafter, find out if you are good at thinking of a product or a service that will meet such needs.”

Offering degrees meant to strengthen students’ understanding of the business world, the SIM-UoB partnership is currently in its sixth year, with more than 800 alumni benefiting from the collaboration.

SIM - UoB graduands’ challenged: What are you uniquely good at?
Moments to remember: SIM – UoB graduands pose for a selfie before receiving their scrolls.

Article extracted from - Last modified 19 Jan 2016