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More alumni as mentors to enrich students’ lives

19047-2 SIM GE alumni meet at SIM Management House to take part in the second annual mentoring programme

More alumni as mentors to enrich students’ lives

The 2013 Alumni Mentorship Programme kicked off to a rousing start on April 25 at SIM Management House.

Returning for a second season after a successful pilot last year, close to 30 alumni signed up for this year’s programme. A collaboration between the Career Services and Alumni Relations departments, the Programme serves as a platform for alumni to give back to their alma mater by mentoring aspiring undergraduates. Students get to tap the industry networking and management insights of their established “big” brothers and sisters in this enriching partnership.

Among the mentors, nearly one-third were from last year’s group. One of them is SIM-RMIT graduate Jeffrey Ong, vice-president of United Overseas Bank. Jeffrey first discovered his interest in human resource development through SIM GE and went on to build a remarkable career where he is today.

Jeffrey continues serving as a mentor because, as he says, “it is my pleasure to contribute to the mentoring programme and support SIM GE in this effort. I find it rewarding to help people realise what they can do is more than what they thought they could. More importantly, I hope to help our students clearly articulate what they want out of a career.”

If you are as keen as Jeffrey to give back to your juniors, contact us at to find out about the next mentoring season.