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The Office of Global Learning provides you with a wide array of summer abroad programs, study trips, workshops and on-campus activities as a platform for personal training in global competence.

  • Develop your global competence
  • See the world as your neighbour
  • Discover your global responsibility
  • Learn who you are outside your culture
  • Bring the world to SIM

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Summer and Winter Abroad

Engage With Our Partner Universities Worldwide

Choose from our list of universities in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Explore the diversity of courses offered and engage in discourse with an international, varied academia. Gain exposure to different education systems and teaching pedagogies across a wide variety of disciplines.

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Student Testimonials

Nicholas Kent Tann  

“I had a perception of Global Learning (GL) to just be a department for overseas programmes. However, after participating in GL activities, I was presented with much more. Not only was I shown what it is to be globally competent, I was also tasked with planning and execution of such activities. As such, I have learnt and still am learning many skill sets essential for my after-graduation journey." (2018)

Tan Chek Hui Glenn
Student, Bachelor of Computer Science (Digital Systems Security)

University of Wollongong, Australia


 Choi Ming Hong  

"The Summer Programme allowed me to experience life as a student in London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) and interact with students from diverse backgrounds. I learnt about different cultures as much as I did from the academic curriculum.” (2017)

Tan Jie Jarrett
Student, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business and Management
University of London, UK