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The Office of Global Learning provides you with a wide array of summer abroad programs, study trips, workshops and on-campus activities as a platform for personal training in global competence.

  • Develop your global competence
  • See the world as your neighbour
  • Discover your global responsibility
  • Learn who you are outside your culture
  • Bring the world to SIM

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Summer and Winter Abroad

Engage With Our Partner Universities Worldwide

Choose from our list of universities in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Explore the diversity of courses offered and engage in discourse with an international, varied academia. Gain exposure to different education systems and teaching pedagogies across a wide variety of disciplines.

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Service Learning Project @ Japan

Immerse Yourself In A Global Experience

Learn to work across cultures in a real business environment and develop your project management and problem-solving skills by working on case-consulting projects. You will be assisting in the reform efforts in local schools and industries in the Oki Islands, such as developing English language resources.

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Student Testimonials

Nicholas Kent Tann  

"Before my Summer Abroad at BI Norwegian Business School, the idea that I now had a point of contact in more than a dozen countries is something hard to believe. This Summer Abroad experience has essentially created new doors of opportunities for me by allowing me to mingle and connect with an international crowd."(2016)

Nicholas Kent Tann
Graduate, Bachelor of Arts (Communication)
University at Buffalo (SUNY), US

Choi Ming Hong  

“In the Global Competence Workshop, the highly interactive activities have allowed me to better appreciate the importance of global awareness and understanding of cultures and traditions. I found it extremely insightful to hear, learn and interact with student speakers from a diverse mix of nationalities - United States, Syria, Russia, UAE, Spain, Germany and more.”(2016)

Choi Ming Hong
Student, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics and Finance
University of London, UK