Student Life

Study Skills Series Workshops


Study skills are necessary for you to study and learn efficiently and effectively – they are an important set of transferable life skills. We had developed a series of workshops especially for our students to equip them with the appropriate skills to tackle the different aspects of learning; supporting our students to achieve their academic goals.

Speed Learning and Visual Thinking

  1. Use visual tools to take notes
  2. Understand various effective ways to summarise content using visuals
  3. Use visuals to enhance learning

Learning Tips and Strategies

  1. Set correct academic goals
  2. Understand the key study skills that you should attain
  3. Understand your own learning approach

Learning with Critical Thinking

  1. Gain knowledge of basic critical thinking skills
  2. Understand various types of arguments
  3. Apply critical thinking skills in course of study

Critical Thinking: The Next Level

  1. Learn the principles of analysis to help in thinking more deeply.
  2. Learn what insightful thinking is and how to develop it.

Critical Reading

  1. Understand and differentiate reading strategies
  2. Know the different techniques in scanning and skimming a text passage
  3. Apply reading strategies for assignment and exam preparation

Organize 2 Memorise

  1. Explore tools to organize and memorise information
  2. Learn the use of apps to digitize memory techniques

To know when are the available workshops and information on how to register for them, you can login to our SIMConnect page by clicking here.