Student Life

Student Councils & Clubs

One of the most exciting aspects of student life is the opportunity for students to take up leadership roles in various clubs and student councils. Overseeing this exciting part of your life on campus is the Student Development (SDEV) Department. As a department of the Student Life Division (SLD), SDEV contributes to the holistic and transformative educational experiences of students. We actively seek to create a vibrant campus environment with platforms for leadership, and personal development through a meaningful and active student life in SIM.

SDEV strives to provide undergraduates with opportunities for growth and achievement through teamwork, artistic and cultural expression, social integration and peer-leadership that complement the challenging academic life of the Institution.

Over 70 clubs and student councils from five genres of co-curricular activities (CCA) anchor the charge of this Department. They are:

Arts and Culture

International Students Club

Leadership and Development Special Interest Clubs Sports & Fitness

Our CCA programmes fuel positive life-long experiences will help the individual integrate and lead a balanced life as a student of SIM.

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