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Marketer, Sportswoman & Avid Drummer
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Management
SIM -The University of Manchester
March 2016

Marissa Tang is in product marketing for OCBC, Singapore’s longest established local bank. She studied business management and is an alumna of the University of Manchester.

Marissa came to SIM, uncertain about her future, but she soon saw the intangible benefits of doing a part-time degree.

“Meeting classmates from different sectorial backgrounds helped me build a strong professional network that I can depend on for good advice in times of need. I was also driven by necessity to be much more disciplined in managing my time – a habit that has stuck with me till today!”

Marissa learnt the importance of developing her skills beyond the classroom.

“Pick up extra skills. As a student, I never realised how things like Microsoft Excel and Adobe Illustrator could be advantageous to have in the workforce!”