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SIM GE Bursary

SIM Global Education Bursary

The SIM GE Bursary provides financial assistance to needy students studying at SIM GE. It is a monetary award based on financial need. In addition, students should have satisfactory academic results.


  • Students pursuing diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate programmes at SIM GE and have already started their classes (Students who are currently in their bridging / preparatory / certificate in English course can send in their application when they are in their diploma / undergraduate programmes.)
  • Financial difficulties caused by loss of job, loss of income-earner or medical treatment or condition (Documentary evidence must be attached to the application form.)
  • Satisfactory academic results (submit only the most recent results)
  • Ceiling for per capita income: S$600 (e.g. Total gross household income = $3000, Total number of household members = 5, PCI = $3000 / 5 = $600)
  • Students must not hold on to any SIM GE sponsorship / scholarship or have not been awarded the SIM GE bursary within the last one year at the point of application.

Value & Tenure of bursary

The bursary quantum is up to $2,000 and is offered dependent on the assessed level of neediness of the applicant. The bursary is tenable for one year.


As the bursary is awarded to help needy students with the payment of SIM course fees, no repayment is required. However, the bursary must be refunded in part or in full if the student discontinues his or her studies.

How to apply (for existing SIM GE students only)

All applications will have to be submitted via SIMConnect.
Please login to SIMConnect, click on My Apps Tab => Self Service => Campus Finance => Financial Aid => Apply for Bursary.

Required documents

  • Latest income supporting document
    • CPF Contribution History (Compulsory: 15 months CPF Contribution History for all household members including yourself, even if he/ she is not working)
    • Income tax letter (for self-employed)
    • CPF Yearly Statement of Account (Ordinary Account, Special Account, Medisave Account)
    • NSF allowance letter for household members in NS
    • Payslips
  • Latest SIM GE transcripts / A level / Diploma / O Level results (for SIM GE transcripts, please download / print-screen your cumulative results from the partner university portal)
  • NRIC / Birth certificate for ALL household members (Please attached the documents under 'Personal Letter'.)

If applicable, the documentary evidence below must be attached to the application form under 'Personal Letter'.

  • Divorce certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Latest medical diagnosis / memo and medical bills
  • Unemployment letter (e.g. retrenchment letter / resignation letter / company end of service letter)
  • Study grant / study loan acceptance letter
  • Bankruptcy letter

All documents must be scanned and attached to the online application form. SIM GE has the right to reject applications with incomplete documents.

For more information, please email to

Application for SIM GE Bursary is open throughout the year but will be processed and awarded on a quarterly basis.

The closing dates are:

  • Q1 (Jan - Mar): 31 March
  • Q2 (Apr - Jun): 30 June
  • Q3 (Jul - Sep): 30 September
  • Q4 (Oct - Dec): 31 December

Late entries will be considered in the next quarter. 

Please note that application does not guarantee award.