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e-Newsletter: The Global Edge

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A Quarterly SIM GE E-newsletter │A Showcase Of Ability, Adaptability, Employability.

The Global Edge is an online newsletter that pulsates with tales of internship, our alumni and our global community of students from as many as 40 countries.

  • Prospective Student
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e-Newsletter: Horizon

Newsletters Overview - Horizon

Horizon is an online publication developed by SIM GE as part of our continued efforts to provide a platform for alumni to stay connected with us, as well as to showcase the many facets of studying at SIM.

  • SIM GE Alumni
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Archived newsletter: Vibes

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First published in Sep 2008, VIBES is a newsletter for the industry. SIM GE students are part of the editorial team as they are involved in the following roles of writing, photography, publicity and distribution.

With a circulation of 12,000, VIBES is a bi-annual publication distributed to industry professionals, corporations and schools. Read about stories of our graduates, students, faculty members and industry partners. Through their contributions to the industry, you will discover that our students are workforce-ready, and that the skills and knowledge which they acquire at our institution are transferable across industries.

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