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The VIBES Magazine (VIBES for short) was first published in September 2008. It is the industry newsletter of SIM Global Education (SIM GE) - written by our SIM GE students, for the industry. Students on the editorial team are involved in the following roles of writing, photography, publicity and distribution.

A bi-annual publication, VIBES contains stories of our graduates, students, faculty members and industry partners. Through their contributions to the industry, you will discover that our students are workforce-ready, and that the skills and knowledge which they acquire at our institution are transferable across industries. Hence the slogan of VIBES, "Moving to a Global Beat".


Highlights of latest issue

In this issue of VIBES, we highlight the three-pronged initiatives launched by the SIM Global Education Career Development Office:

(a) coaching workshops in grooming, resume writing, interviewing and presentation techniques, leadership, time management and other essential skills during job search,

(b) talent development and internship where the student works in a real world environment, and

(c) networking and mentoring where the student meets industry leaders, professionals and other useful contacts.

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VIBES Magazine Issue 14 - Racing to save life