Student Life

Professional Skills

Your time in SIM GE is about more than just your degree, you will also develop a range of transferable skills that are highly valued by employers. These programmes will help you plan your skills development, deciding which skills you want to focus on and how you can do this effectively.


Analysts Training Programme (ATP)

The ATP is a highly practical and hands-on training programme aimed at preparing you for a position that requires you to study and analyse industries and businesses. Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be able to function effectively in most entry level analysts job with minimum supervision and hand-holding.

Stage 1:

  • Part 1
    • The Fundamentals – Equipping yourself with the know-hows for the job.
  • Part 2
    • Tracking – Developing & Using the Tools
    • Using what you have learned to track economic and industry development and trends, as well as corporate news and performances.

Stage 2: 

  • Work Simulation – Doing It
    • Doing what an Analyst does in a simulated environment.


Introductory Statistics with SPSS I

  1. Basic navigations in SPSS
  2. Using "Transform" function
  3. Create histograms, box plots and scatterplots

Introductory Statistics with SPSS II

  1. One sample T-Test
  2. Paired sample T-Test
  3. One way ANOVA
  4. Univariate feature for two-way ANOVA