Student Life

Personal Effectiveness Series Workshops


Students are often challenged with projects and assignments that require them to critically analyze information and data, prepare reports and present their findings. These challenges are also found in companies when graduates start working.

We have developed several workshops to meet these challenges.

The Art of Powerful Presentation

  1. Know how to cope with presentation anxiety
  2. Identify presentation objectives
  3. Create impactful opening and closing slides with impact

Essentials to Microsoft Excel

  1. To understand the basics of using Microsoft Excel
  2. Know some useful short-cuts
  3. Able to use simple functions
  4. Able to use Vlookup

Advanced Microsoft Excel

  1. Able to use the Pivot Table
  2. Able to use Logical Functions (IF, SUMIF, COUNTIF etc)
  3. Able to use String Functions (LEFT, RIGHT etc)

Microsoft Excel Advanced Functions with Statistics

  1. How to use Statistical Functions
  2. How to use Data Analysis Pack on Regression
  3. How to use Macros

 Are you an Effective Communicator?

  1. Learn the creative usage of vocabulary
  2. Learn the knowledge and techniques in empathetic listening

Video Editing for Beginners

  1. Able to use various useful video editing techniques
  2. Able to use Windows Movie Maker

Copyright & Copy Right

  1. Able to understand both sides of intellectual property
  2. Able to avoid plagiarism and infringement of others' work
  3. Able to protect your own intellectual property rights

Forging your own Digital Identity

  1. How to create professional profile
  2. How to use various social media tools


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