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Learning Development department supports students in their learning journey by offering a range of programmes to assist students to improve their academic performance and to study, write and present better. We offer a variety of free resources, workshops and consultations to all enrolled students.

There are many challenges that students encounter in an institution of higher learning especially in their first year. Some students may even lack basic study skills and academic literacy. Hence, students who struggle with an assignment or essay may obtain assistance for their essay writing, academic citations and time management at the Student Learning Centre located at A.5.01B (Block A, Level 5).


The Student Learning Centre (SLC) is a one-stop centre for student academic support. Boost your academic performance with our
SLC resources.

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A student-to-student support network that provides academic assistance for selected modules.


Develop professional skills that are highly valued by employers through well-structured training programmes.


Attend complimentary workshops to hone effective learning skills:


Work with our advisors to improve your skills in:

Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL)
in session
  Digital Literacy Workshop
Digital Literacy Workshop
  The Talking Point Programme
The Talking Point Programme