International Academy



The SIM International Academy offers a 4-year IGCSE curriculum that engenders inquiry, communication and an enterprise mindset. Designed with a focus on applied learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the Social Sciences, our learners will be exposed to authentic scenarios to deepen their understanding and appreciation of these academic disciplines in an applied context. Upon successful completion of the IGCSE, our students will be able to continue their academic journey towards a Cambridge A-Levels certificate in Years 11 and 12 or an SIM diploma (leading to an undergraduate programme with one of SIM’s partner universities). 


Beyond academics, students’ learning will be enhanced by co-curricular and boarding programmes that allow them to experience education for the real world. They will also learn to collaborate and to communicate effectively.


Curriculum Framework 

Our curriculum design is based on the parallel curriculum model (see diagram below).


Parallel C 3

Characteristics of the SIM International Academy Student 


Our students are intellectually curious, want to learn, and collaborate with their peers to create new knowledge.



Our students are engaged with the local community in both their home and host countries. They understand themselves vis-à-vis the people around them, and are reflective, responsible and respectful. They are adaptable and possess an international outlook whilst recognizing their role in the society in which they reside. They respect and appreciate different cultures and ways of living.



Above all, our students are confident and inventive thinkers, prepared to serve, lead and contribute as active members of society.