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SIM-UOL Does It Again!

Ms Sylvia Yeo, Assistant Director, Higher Education 1, shares more on the university’s record-breaking achievement of graduates with First Class Honours and highlights some success stories.

The polytechnics from where the 218 Firsts graduated from

54% of the 218 Firsts are polytechnic graduates

Of the 218 Firsts, 32% are from overseas.

Of the 218 Firsts, 32% are from overseas.

It is yet another record-breaking year for SIM-UOL. The Class of 2017 who took their final examinations in May, saw 218 out of 2,100 complete their studies with First Class Honours, surpassing last year’s record of 191 Firsts.

218 out of 2,100 means about 10.4% of the cohort achieved top honours; more than last year’s 9.6%. This achievement is not just another statistic. In 2015, there was a bumper crop of 41 graduates with distinctions from the Diploma in Economics programme. A large number of them went on to achieve a First this year. Students are also more clued-in to what they can do to make a difference.

Carving Their Paths To Success

Among the 218 Firsts are three who were tasked to be the inaugural Senior Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) Leaders Nur Sabrina Bte Zainuren, Chang Kai Siang and Raymond Hong. The PAL programme refers to a programme whereby seniors help juniors with their academic course by coaching and mentoring them. How sweet it is that all three Senior PAL Leaders have achieved Firsts!

Sabrina, formerly from Innova Junior College, was a PAL leader for Introduction to Economics and Principles of Accounting. Being a Senior PAL Leader allowed her to meet new people and grow as an individual.

Senior PAL Leader, Nur Sabrina (right) with Ms Peggy Lim, Assistant Chief Executive of SIM Global Education.
Senior PAL Leader, Nur Sabrina (right) with Ms Peggy Lim, Assistant Chief Executive of SIM Global Education.

Darren Zeng (pictured below) is a BSc Banking and Finance graduate where 11.7% of the graduating cohort attained a First. Unlike most, Darren took a longer route in attending junior college and polytechnic before joining SIM. From Year 1, he knew he wanted to pursue a postgraduate degree at an acclaimed college. This Diploma in Marketing graduate from Temasek Polytechnic was granted partial exemptions. His reduced load in the final year at SIM GE allowed him to undertake a full-time internship and prepare for rigorous postgraduate admission interviews and aptitude tests. He was given admission to University College London, where he will pursue the MSc Finance programme in September 2017.

Darren Zeng (pictured below) is a BSc Accounting and Finance graduate where 13.7% of the graduating cohort attained a First.

Darren’s sentiments are echoed by Dr Zhang Jianlin, the Head of Programme, overseeing the LSE-led programmes. “SIM GE’s strong reputation has enabled us to attract many ambitious students who aim to excel from the day they enrol,” he said.

Sally Yeo was an Executive Committee member of the Student Representative Council. In her first year, she was awarded a UOL award for academic achievement worth £100 for being among the best in the world for the BSc Business and Management. In her second year, she topped the other 1,260 students worldwide for the Core Management Concepts paper. It is not surprising that she has graduated with First Class Honours in 2017. The BSc Business and Management degree was introduced in 2014 and A level graduates like Sally, who studied at Hwa Chong Institution, are part of the first cohort who completed the full programme without exemptions. 28 or 5.7% of the cohort have obtained a First.

Sally Yeo with her boyfriend Zachary Lee, who is one of the 191 Firsts for the Class of 2016.
Sally Yeo with her boyfriend Zackary Lee, who is one of the 191 Firsts for the Class of 2016.

Of the 218 Firsts, nine are graduates under the academic direction of Goldsmiths. Kong Zhen Wei started in the part-time degree programme at SIM-University of Wollongong. He found juggling between work and studies too demanding and withdrew to pursue the BSc Computing and Information Systems (CIS) degree full-time. Like many other CIS students, he also spaced his studies out to four years, collecting academic accolades along the way. We are pleased he has managed to achieve First Class Honours.

SIM GE isn’t waiting till graduation on 5 and 6 April 2018 to celebrate the academic successes of our graduands. On 21 October 2017, these 218 Firsts will come together with other current students who have received awards and prizes for the annual Achievers’ Event. Well done to all students and graduands! 

Posted Online, 28 September 2017


Roaring Victory For SIM Dragons In Prime Minister's Cup 

By Lim Ying Jie, Vice-Captain of SIM Dragon Boat 

Photo Credit: Sylvester Lim, Alumni Paddler

 Minister for Education Ong Ye Kung (in blue shirt) with the SIM women's dragon boat team who made history after winning the PM Challenge Trophy fourth year in a row
All smiles from the women’s team as they lift the Prime Minister Challenge trophy.

History was made at the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival (SDBF) 2017 held at Gardens by the Bay East from 15 to 16 July 2017. The SIM Dragon Boat team swept the highly-coveted Men's and Women's Prime Minister Challenge Trophies. This win marks the women’s fourth consecutive trophy at the festival. The men’s team wrestled the trophy back from defending champions, Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to emerge victors this year. 

The 1000m race that pits all four universities against each other has been a festival highlight since its introduction in 1999 by then Prime Minister, Mr Goh Chok Tong. The highly contested race brought out the best of sporting spirits in the National University of Singapore, NTU, Singapore Management University, and SIM; the race is likened to the annual boat race between the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge for its fierce rivalry between the institutions.

The road to victory was all but an easy one; the SIM paddlers committed to long and rigorous training sessions which intensified in the weeks leading up to the race. The team’s efforts were well-rewarded, as the stellar performance extended beyond the 1000m race category. SIM Dragon Boat clinched Gold medals in the Inter – Varsity Polytechnic (Opens) and the Inter – Varsity Polytechnic (Mixed) while the women’s team finished First Runners-up in the Inter – Varsity Polytechnic (Women) race category. The Men’s team also bagged the Gold medal when they competed against the best teams in the Singapore National Open 500m race category.

The Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2017 concluded the 2017 season on a high note. The SIM Dragon Boat team continued its tradition of excellence as the team competed and triumphed in its races – from the Singapore River Regatta, to the DBS Marina Regatta, and finally Singapore Dragon Boat Festival. Credits to long-time coach, Mr Ng Sin Teck and SIM Student Development, who have been instrumental in grooming the team of mostly junior paddlers and masterminding the team's success.

With the historic triumphs and sporting breakthrough, the SIM Dragon Boat team continues to stay hungry for success and strive for excellence.

Posted Online, 28 September 2017

Serving From The Heart

They make a difference in the lives of others every day, working tirelessly through long shifts to care for patients at different stages of life, often sharing in the joys of birth and the sorrows of death with others.

In celebration of Nurses’ Day which falls on the first of August each year, we feature nurses from the SIM-University of Sydney Bachelor of Nursing (Post-Registration) programme to find out what sparked their interest in nursing and what drives them to excel in a demanding profession.

Serving From The Heart 

“I have to admit, when growing up, nursing wasn’t my ambition. I always wanted to be a teacher. Things changed when I saw my paternal grandfather die of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and also witnessed my maternal grandfather suffer dreadfully for a few months because of pancreatic cancer. I realised that life can be so fragile. It took some courage but I was determined to become a nurse. Initially, my parents were surprised but little did they know back then that nursing would become a career that has changed me as a person, a daughter and allowed me to touch many lives out there in Singapore."

Melanie Tan, Nurse Clinician, National Cancer Centre Singapore


Serving From The Heart 

“My interest in nursing was sparked because of my secondary school co-curricular activity (CCA), St. John Brigade. Back then, only female members are taught basic nursing skills and it got me thinking why male members were excluded from these. I then took the initiative to learn from my female batch mates and realised that I enjoyed this (nursing) with genuine interest. After my GCE ‘O’ Levels, I went to pursue a national certificate in nursing and later on, a diploma in nursing."

“Deaths in A&E (Accident & Emergency) are often sudden and unexpected; it can sometimes be distressing and saddening to witness how families of the deceased respond to the death. All in all, being in the A&E allows me to accelerate my pace when necessary; remain calm in chaos; and develop good coping skills. I am glad that I made a right choice to grow as a Registered Nurse in such a challenging environment- it’s definitely one of a kind!”

Kenneth Chia, Staff Nurse, Changi General Hospital


Serving From The Heart 

“After the ‘O’ levels, I had to decide which diploma to pursue. As biology was my favourite subject, nursing became one of my choices for diploma. I was then accepted into nursing. Throughout the years in nursing, I have learnt not only the science of how the human body works, but I have also learnt the importance of fulfilling the role and duty as a nurse.”

“I am passionate about nursing because I am able to care for the sick and elderly competently, safely and professionally, helping them to improve their quality of life by optimising their health status.”

Lim Siew Hoon, Senior Staff Nurse, Changi General Hospital


Serving From The Heart 

"I chose nursing because I wanted to make a difference in someone else’s life. I have been a nurse for almost 11 years and it was not an easy journey. The best nursing experience for me is when the patients are discharged healthy and well from the hospital."

Irny Hidaya, Nurse Clinician, Raffles Hospital

Thanking Our Nurses

Serving From The Heart
In appreciation of our nurses, SIM GE’s Corporate Marketing and Branding Department dropped by lectures on 25 July and 1 August 2018 to distribute a trail mix of nutritious nuts as a token of appreciation to students from the SIM-University of Sydney Bachelor of Nursing (Post-Registration) programme.

To find out more about the University of Sydney’s healthcare programmes, click here.

Posted online, 28 September 2017

Peer-Assisted Learning Leaders Recognised For Their Hard Work

All smiles from PAL Leaders during the event.

All smiles from PAL Leaders during the event.

A total of 85 Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) Leaders were acknowledged at the SIM GE PAL Leaders Appreciation Lunch for their efforts in making the PAL programme a success over the past year. The SIM GE PAL programme is an academic student-to-student support network which assists new students in adapting and transiting smoothly into university life.

PAL Leaders, who are senior students, volunteer to help bridge the gap for new students by sharing their study skills. The leaders also help students by improving their understanding on a subject matter and further developing learning strategies. They often meet with students in small groups for one and a half hours each week to facilitate their learning and to encourage them to be independent learners.

In an effort to recognise their efforts, 85 PAL Leaders from SIM GE’s Diploma programmes and overseas partner universities such as SIM-University of London; SIM-University of Wollongong; SIM-RMIT and SIM-University at Buffalo; were presented with certificates by SIM GE’s Teaching & Learning Department (TLD).

“Peers helping peers can be a very powerful platform because some students don't feel comfortable to approach their lecturers directly … and what the PAL Leaders are doing really makes a difference in students’ lives,” said TLD Director, Dr Aaron Tan.

One of the recipients at the presentation ceremony was Nur Sabrina Zainuren from SIM-UOL who reflected on her journey as a PAL Leader for two semesters. “It has been a rewarding experience to be able to inspire my PAL Learners. It has been a journey where I got to meet new people and grow as an individual,” she said.

For more information on being a PAL Leader or PAL Learner, email or visit the SIM GE Student Learning Centre (Block A, Level 5, A.5.01B).

Posted online, 28 September 2017