Professional Competency Talk: The Art and Science of Rehabilitating Youth Offenders in Singapore

Art and science of rehabilitating youth offenders picture

When the word Forensic Psychology comes to your mind, what would be your initial thought about the subject?

We were glad to have Dr. Chu Chi Meng, Principal Clinical and Forensic Psychologist at the Clinical and Forensic Psychology Branch, Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) introduced forensic psychology and discussed about new forms of crime that are caused by rapid technological advancements such as upskirt videos. He allowed us to glimpse into another aspect of life which most people are not familiar with based on real life examples of juvenile delinquents. He emphasized the need to rehabilitate the youth offenders so that they can reintegrate into our society better.

Dr. Chu concluded the talk by sharing the importance of interacting with rehabilitating youths and gaining mutual respect and trust. He challenged the audience to ponder on how could we contribute back to help these people rehabilitate back into the society

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