HETP2 - Educational Psychology

HETP2 Picture

Professor John Wang from the National Institute of Education brought our minds together in this 3 day customized workshop exclusively for our academic staff and associate lecturers. Professor Wang started his class by sharing his success stories through his journey in the education industry and how he deemed the importance of an effective educator. He elaborated on the need to learn from the various failures that we experience in life. There was an emphasis on the changing mindsets of learners today and how this would affect the way we impart knowledge to our students. Prof Wang also highlighted the importance of developing a growth mindset among our students. He brought in theories that were closely knitted to education, with examples such as social cognitive theory and attribution theories.

Discussions and group work were a plenty during his classes, lecturers were keen to provide ways to create an optimal and conducive learning environment. Professor Wang provided pragmatic approaches in introducing technology into the classroom to motivate the students to contribute to the class. He talked about managing the energy between the students and lecturers to keep students constantly motivated during classes.

As the class came to a close, the lecturers begin reflecting on the concepts that they have learnt during the 3 day class. Some comments included “Effort to find the own passion”, “Moving away from worrying about covering the syllabus” and “Motivation and ways to energise the student”. To extend the learning beyond classroom, lecturers were given the opportunity to participate in discussion forums through the D2L learning management system. Lecturers share their thoughts and perspective based on case studies and apply the concepts and theories learnt during the 3 day workshop

HETP2 (Higher Education Teaching Preparatory) is the 2nd stage of professional development pathway for SIM GE lecturers. This module is delivered in collaboration with National Institute of Education (NIE). Upon successful completion of this module, participants will receive credit exemptions towards the NIE Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education. For information on upcoming runs, please refer to our events listing page to keep updated Stay tuned!