Problem based learning (Why and how to use it?)

PBL picture

With the introduction of problem-based learning (PBL) workshop last year by RP, the 2nd run for PBL workshop is back by popular demand! This year, we are privileged to have Professor David Ng from the National Institute of Education (NIE) to conduct the workshop on 6th May 2015. PBL is a pedagogy that encourages students to learn through problem-solving. In this course, Professor Ng introduced an alternative learning approach for lessons instead of the traditional lecture, with special focus on how PBL can be used in the higher education environment.

In this highly interactive workshop, participants were placed in groups where they learned the importance of teamwork and their respective roles that they play in the group. The groups worked towards a common consensus and provided feasible solutions under a tight timeline. To simulate authentic learning which is a hallmark of PBL approach, the participants were required to present their findings and recommendations to their Head of Programme and Programme Director. This memorable experience motivated the participants to reflect and look into improvements for their own teaching practices.

In case you missed this course, why not take a look at our events listing page to find out more details about upcoming workshops for lecturers