Instructional Leaders and New Lecturers Tea Session

In preparation for the new academic year 2013/14, a tea session was organized for new lecturers to meet with their instructional leaders (ILs) on 24 July 2013 from 2pm to 4pm in SIM HQ. This tea session is part of the Instructional Leaders Scheme where associate lecturers who are teaching SIM GE programs for the first time are given the opportunity to network with others in the SIM academic community as well as to be formally introduced to their mentors.

 Since its inception, the IL scheme has seen a positive trend in helping new lecturers get the right start in their teaching roles. The participation of experienced academic staff to serve as ILs has also been encouraging.

In the first hour, an overview of the IL scheme along with recommendations of useful tools and templates to facilitate the mentoring process was presented. It was a cosy briefing cum tea session with a total of 22 attendees where 10 were new lecturers. The highlight of the event was the impromptu demonstration from a lecturer on how the pen tablet could serve as an alternative to the good old visualizer. It was heartening to observe the spontaneous sharing of best practices among the lecturers.

While enjoying the sumptuous tea, the mentor/mentee pairs made every moment count to discuss the preparations needed for the upcoming term. Some even came prepared with their syllabus and module specifications to seek guidance from the ILs.