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Upcoming Masterclasses:

  • Effective Leadership for Dementia Care Services

    The number of people living with dementia is rising fast and it is essential that any care and support is delivered with skill and compassion. Services need to be equipped to meet the current and future demands and as a leader this can bring many challenges and barriers to delivering person centred services. Good leadership should be effective and efficient, supporting the workforce and bringing about positive change to improve services. This two day course will help you to develop your leadership qualities towards becoming an effective and efficient leader in dementia care. 

  • Understanding Distressed Behaviour

    Dementia is one of the most important issues staff face. Research identifies distressed behaviour as the greatest source of workplace stress when supporting people with dementia. This programme will help you to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence to support people with dementia in a more compassionate, understanding and professional way.

  • Best Practice In Dementia Care Learning Programme

    A successful Best Practice in Dementia Care programme designed in line with UK National Dementia Strategies, this innovative programme is designed to be delivered by a key member of your staff team in their own workplace. Your key member of staff attends the 2 day facilitator course where they learn how to use the materials provided to facilitate the learning of staff members. The facilitator you select is an experienced member of your team who understands the needs of people with dementia and has a positive attitude to change. Knowledge of their participants and their local work environment enables facilitators to link experience, actions and new knowledge into actual practice within a reflective learning framework.

  • Best Practice Facilitator training element

    Facilitators learn valuable skills to assist them in mentoring colleagues and building the best practice approach in their work setting.

  • Designing for dementia

    By using a balance of theory and practice, this program pulls together the key issues for consideration when designing to support people with a diagnosis of dementia and those with a cognitive impairment. A variety of learning and delivery mediums are used, including lectures, workshops and discussion groups. This programme provides professionals involved in the design of services and public spaces the knowledge and tools needed to incorporate dementia design principles from the inception of a space to its handover and use. Dementia Services Development Centre-Stirling’s Design School has been developed to cover a range of design subjects, for both new builds and renovations. It is ideal for issues relating to effective commissioning, project management and designing the internal and external environment, including lighting.