Be A Mentor

Hear from Our Alumni Mentor and Mentee

Alumni_Mentor_LeeMSLee Mun Shiu
RMIT University
Class of 2001
Alumni Mentor 











"I had the great honour to be invited by SIM Global Education (SIM GE) to participate in the Alumni Mentorship Programme to help my juniors to prepare themselves in their career after school. The journey had been most wonderful for me personally since I was able to see some of them transformed themselves over a short period of a year or two. It was a fruitful experience for me as a newly trained coach, I was able to practice my skills with the mentees to help them to uncover themselves a little at a time. These include their:

  • personality and thinking styles - a self discovery process
  • strength and potentials - so they can capitalise on should they wish to
  • weaknesses and blind spots - so they are aware of and they can work on if necessary

To my fellow alumni
I want to encourage you to take part in mentoring our juniors in SIM GE. We have a vast amount of experience and wisdom attained over the years of working through hard knocks and many challenges. Our values to the mentees are not to help them to find smooth paths in their career road maps. After all, no individuals and paths are identical. Instead, we can share our learning from the past with the mentees so we can enable them to be courageous and confident to handle many different challenges that lie ahead of them.

To all students
While you are ready to enter the workforce to compete with hundreds of thousand others, you may want to conduct a self-check to see how prepared you are. The world today is quite different from our time and you would find yourself facing a fierce competition from all over the globe. In the previous era, many could still cope at work without a mentor. I was very fortunate to have met two informal mentors in my early career days that saved me a lot of time that otherwise could have been wasted taking detours. If you seem lost or your career goal is somewhat unclear, I strongly encourage you to join the Alumni Mentorship Programme."


Ryan Lim Fangyuan
RMIT University











"Initially, just like the perceptive reader you are and everyone else, I had my doubts about having a mentorship. What if we don't get along well - the feeling is awkward.

Even if anyone listens, then what? Simply how effective can sharing be? It was a fine line between procrastination and self-doubt.

The truth of the matter was that there was nothing to lose and uncertainty cannot be controlled. Dwelling on things not within your control is purely a waste of time - something I learnt from my mentor.

I still remember my first mentorship session where I excitedly prepared and threw every single question at my mentor, hoping that by the end of the session, I would have clear and established career goals - simple plan, easy life.

However, it was a Pandora's Box. Because truly, no one is more suited to answer those questions than yourself. Everyday, everyone is learning more about themselves. On any random day, you might not realised that you have just made a life decision. Who can you consult? Or conversely, who is fit to tell you how to live your life?

So why get a Mentor?
To sum things up, mentorship has helped me in many ways, some deep down and some I consciously try to enforce every day. So, instead of asking why get a mentor, ask if you feel a professional listening ear is worth investing your commitment and effort.

A mentorship is not simply a conversation partner. It is an open 2 way communication where mentor indirectly serves many purposes, whether it is your secondary moral compass, your guide, your reflection, your pacer, etc.

Simply put, there are people out there offering their wisdom, the onus is on you."