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Make a difference to your juniors at SIM GE by playing the role of an Alumni Mentor. Your sharing of life insights and work experiences will be important to your students as they prepare to launch themselves into the global marketplace.

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Peer Achievers & Leaders Mentorship (PALM)

Peer Achievers & Leaders Mentorship (PALM) is a structured peer based mentorship programme for SIM GE students to be paired with a recent graduated achiever-leader. It aims to be a platform to develop character and competencies.

Structured Alumni Mentorship (SAM)

Structured Alumni Mentorship (SAM) is a programme for all SIM GE students to be paired with an SIM GE Alumnus. It aims to deliver the transfer of knowledge and experience through mentorship.

Objective of SAM

  • To provide a platform for Alumni to share professional experiences and expertise
  • To promote the development of a network contacts within the global alumni family
  • To prepare students for the transition to global marketplace through career advice, job search strategies

Corporate Achievers & Leaders Mentorship (CALM)

Corporate Achievers & Leaders Mentorship (CALM) is a structured mentorship programme tailored for Talent Development Programme-inLDP (Advanced Leadership) interns as well as international students who are Career Chapters Cadre Leaders. The mentees will be paired with a corporate leader-mentor with years of work and life experience. It aims to challenge mentees to discover and create their own identity while driving towards personal excellence.

Mentorship is a voluntary initiative for alumni to give back. Interested alumni may be based locally or overseas. Read about it here.

Mentorship Focus

The period of mentorship ranges from three to six months. Alumnus may be involved in sharing of:

  • Success stories
  • Personal best practices
  • Philosophy, principles and practices of management

Mentors may expose students to other work exposure as well as delegate certain project work that is deem beneficial to the career development.

Still unclear if the mentorship programme is for you? Find out from our alumni mentor and mentee who had been there, done that.

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