International Foundation Programme


Programme Overview

Developed and awarded by University of London (UOL), UK.

The University of London is one of the great universities of the world with over 50,000 students from 180 different countries.

Who is this programme for?

The IFP is designed to help students prepare for undergraduate studies. Locally, it is an alternative for those who do not wish to do the A levels or a polytechnic diploma. The IFP enrolls candidates who have completed high school or equivalent. The social science courses help candidates better understand their interest before they decide on an undergraduate degree. Most students from the first two intakes continue to degrees at SIM in Accounting, Banking, Business and Management, Computing and Information Systems and International Relations.


Course Start Date & End Date

August 2018 intake

Course starts: August 2018

Exam ends: April 2019 

Sample of IFP Class Schedule and Academic Schedule



S$15,900.00 (est.) for one year

The fee is valid for August 2018 intake only.

Application Fee applies

All fees inclusive of prevailing GST.


Kirsten Chua

I am very pleased to have achieved success in my studies at SIM GE. This would not have been possible without hard work and the help of dedicated lecturers.


Application is closed for 2018/2019 intake.

Application for 2019/2020 intake will open in January 2019.


IFP Tan Jin Ming



Tan Jin Ming, IFP Graduate with Merit (Class of 2017)

"I chose the IFP because of the academic excellence of UOL and the various undergraduate choices which opens up for IFP graduates. The course has provided me a holistic educational foundation to benefit me regardless of which career paths i take. I love the vibrant student culture at SIM; there is always something new on campus for everyone to participate and enjoy. The facilities at SIM are more than adequate to my needs."

Jin Ming currently has progressed to Year 1 of the SIM-UOL BSc Computing and Information Systems programme (academic direction by Goldsmiths) in September 2017, after completed the IFP in the same year.

Events & Programme Briefings

  • Journeying Beyond 'O's

    Come join us on Sat Jan 19 17:30:00 SGT 2019, Sat Jan 19 17:30:00 SGT 2019 - Sat Jan 19 21:00:00 SGT 2019, at Blk A, Level 4, Lecture Theatre A.4.05, SIM HQ, 461 Clementi Road, Singapore 599491 ...

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Entry point to degree programme

This programme will equip students with the skills and knowledge required for undergraduate study with a structured learning experience with academic focus via the foundation courses such Economics, Mathematics and Statistics.

These subjects develop a strong academic foundation for students entering university to pursue business, management, finance and related courses.

Upon successful completion of the International Foundation Programme, students will gain guaranteed entry to any LSE-led degree and other degree programmes from UOL International Programmes in SIM. Completion of the IFP also fulfils entry requirements for many undergraduate degrees in the UK and other countries.

In 2017, two of our 2nd intake graduates were offered places to study the first year of a BSc degree at University of Birmingham, Durham University, University of Edinburgh, LSE and Birkbeck. They chose to study at LSE and Birbeck. The bulk of the IFP graduates continued on to the SIM-UOL programme at SIM.

Linden Liew graduated with a Merit and has progressed to Year 1 of the UOL BSc banking and Finance at SIM. Her parents, Mr and Mrs Liew, have this to share with other parents.

"Our daughter, Linden, seemed to thrive..... such as the IFP." To read more, please click HERE.

"I am definitely very happy in this course..... the working world." To read more about Linden's testimonial, please click HERE.

Delivery Mode

Classes are conducted 2-4hours and 5 days a week They are delivered in a mix of classes, tutorials, lab sessions and discussion. All classes conducted are 100% face-to-face teaching.

Teaching Faculty

Local faculty with intensive workshops, tutorials and discussion group.

Programme Calendar

Classes / Sept 2018 – Jan 2019
Revision / Mid-March – April 2019
University Exams / Apr 2019
Results released / Mid Jun 2019
Resit Exam / Jul 2019
Resit exam result / Aug 2019

Candidature Period

The programme is made up of 4 units.

Students have between 1 and 3 years to complete the qualification, with a minimum duration of 1 year.

Minimum Class Size

Minimum class size to commence: 20 students. Students will be informed within 30 days after the application period.

Curriculum (one compulsory unit plus 3 electives)

One compulsory unit:

  • Mathematics and Statistics

This is the foundation course on which subsequent, more specialised quantitative courses in Mathematics and Statistics are based. The course offers an overview of key mathematical methods and statistical concepts frequently applied to economics, management, finance and related areas.

2 electives:

  • Economics

The course offers an overview of key economic concepts and their applications to everyday situations and current economic affairs using modelling techniques.

  • Social Psychology

This course provides an introduction to Social Psychology as a social scientific discipline, its areas of interest, theory and methodologies. Students will learn to consider key ways in which social psychological knowledge can be applied to real-life contexts. It provides tools that support students in critical thinking and argumentation.

Plus 1 elective from the following:

  • International Relations

The course offers a basic introduction to international relations, its classical and contemporary theories, schools of thought and research areas. At the end of the course, students will be able to connect these concepts and theories to regional and global issues.

  • Accounting and Finance

The course provides a foundation introduction to the purposes and functions of accounting and finance, as well as to develop the key concepts and techniques to fulfill these functions for business financial decision-making.

In addition to the core curriculum from UOL, SIM will provide students with additional compulsory classes in English Language skills. These classes are free, and will help students improve their fluency and develop greater accuracy in both their written and spoken language.

The purpose of the English classes is to extend their vocabulary to include more specialised English related to their course of study. These classes will also prepare students for the Academic IELTS examination.

Entry Requirements

Academic requirement:

  • Minimum 4 GCE ‘O’ level passes (Grade 1 – 6). 
  • Other qualifications will be assessed based on its equivalence to GCE ‘O’ level examinations.

Refer to the University of London prospectus for full information.

English Language requirement:

  • GCE ‘O’ level credit pass (grade 1-6) in English (as first language); or
  • IELTS with an overall score of at least 5.5 (no band under 5.0). IELTS test scores must have been obtained within the past three years; or
  • TOEFL iBT - Test of English as a Foreign Language overall score of 75 or above with at least 18 in both Reading and Writing Skills sub-test and at least 16 in both Speaking and Listening sub-test. Test scores must have been obtained within the past three years; or
  • Pearson Academic: score 46 or above, with at least 46 in both Reading and Writing elements; or
  • Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English; or
  • 5 years at an overseas high school where you were taught only in English.

Age requirement

  • Aged 17 or older before 31 Dec in the year of registration

Foreign Applicants:
Click here for information on overseas qualifications.

Course Fee

Total course fee: S$15,900 * (est.) for 4 units (1 year programme)

The fee is valid for August 2018 intake only.

Application Fee applies

All fees inclusive of prevailing GST.

Breakdown of Estimated Overall Fees

1. SIM programme fee (4 units): S$12,100

2. UOL registration fee: £956

3. UOL programme fee includes first examination attempt (4 units): £944

4. UOL local examination authority fee (4 units): S$380 **

Miscellaneous Fees

Payable to SIM

Reinstatement fee: S$ 53.50

Timetable changes made after class starts: S$ 53.50

Repeat fee per unit: S$ 3,025

Payable to University of London (UOL)

Continuing registration fee (for second year and each subsequent year):  £368

Examination re-sit fee (per unit): £236

UOL transcript request fee: £25

UOL fee for exam result checks (per paper): £50

 * These are estimated amount  as UOL fees are subject to exchange rate fluctuation and yearly revision by the institution.

** This estimated UOL examination fee is payable to the RELC Examinations Bureau, includes an admin fee (per paper) to RELC.

Exemption Eligibility



Lecturers & Teaching Modules

Average teacher-student ratio 1:25

Assessment & Exams

Each module is assessed through continuous assessment and end-of-year exam.

Continuous assessments include class tests, presentation, and group and individual assignments. At the end of the programme, candidates must sit for an exam on all the modules. Each exam makes up 100% of the final grade.

Continuous assessment for each module is conducted throughout the programme.

Students who marginally fail (30-39 marks) for only 1 paper, may be invited to take the supplementary paper. However, the final decision lies with UOL.

Attendance requirement

All students (local and international) must achieve 90% attendance in any month, and for the overall academic year. Failing which, students will not be permitted to register for the university examinations.


Must pass all 4 units.
International Foundation Certificate classification:
40% - 59% Pass
60% - 69%: Merit
70% - 100% Distinction