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SIM Muay Thai

Posted date: 01:01PM Aug 28, 2015.

Low Price MMA Gears From Bangkok!

Wanna get a gloves you can call your OWE at reasonable price?  [Read More]


Boo Yi Lin

Posted date: 10:44AM Aug 28, 2015.

The welcome address

Welcome all UOL Year 1s to SIMGE! In a few weeks you would be embarking on a new journey as freshmen for your programmes and also very soon, you will find yourself graduating in 3 years time. [Read More]


Boo Yi Lin

Posted date: 04:35PM Aug 26, 2015.

My LSE Summer School experience

The adventure at the LSE Summer School 


 [Read More]


Jain Arunima

Posted date: 03:08AM Aug 25, 2015.

Story Time

It is so great to be back and Season 10 is here with a BANG. And I guess I am more than fashionably late to this party. But I know you will forgive me for the delay in this post after reading this story. Hope you find it interesting and entertaining.

 [Read More]


SIM Netball

Posted date: 04:23PM Aug 24, 2015.

World Netball Cup Championships 2015

Finally got the time to watch the World Cup Finals replay to bring you my own commentary. [Read More]


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