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Daron Ang

Posted date: 02:04AM Mar 03, 2015.

Land of the Rising Sun [part 1]

With an intensive period looming, it makes perfect sense (or excuse) for a trip abroad to rejuvenate, recalibrate and refresh for the challenges in the following months...

Tokyo Tower at 1000hrs

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Alicia Chong

Posted date: 08:51AM Feb 25, 2015.

How to love yourself more :)

3 golden rules to love YOURSELF MORE:


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Jain Arunima

Posted date: 02:54AM Feb 25, 2015.

What my Diploma has taught me ?

So for all the students who are planning to start their Diploma in Management Studies, read along to find out what the course entails. 


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Shakir Hozefa Shabbir

Posted date: 02:05PM Feb 24, 2015.


Type “papa” in Google, and even before you finish typing, Google will recommend “papaoutai” 

What’s papaoutai? It is a French song that has gone viral with over 230 million YouTube views. 

So what's this song about? Why does it have millions of listeners hooked? 
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Nguyen Hong Anh

Posted date: 10:46PM Feb 23, 2015.


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