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Cho Jaehyeon

Posted date: 11:32PM Nov 21, 2015.

Finding 7 Merlions in Singapore

I thought Merlion is only at Merlion park in MBS, but found out there are 7 Merlions in Singapore [Read More]


SIM Netball

Posted date: 02:58AM Nov 18, 2015.

What it takes to be a Student Athelete

Student: A person formally engaged in learning and enrolled into a school.
Athlete: A person trained in a sport that requires physical skill.

Study comes first. After all, we have to be enrolled into a school first before we can play for their team.
So how do we manage our time and maintain a good study-sports balance?
Let's find out! 

[definition taken from] 

 [Read More]


Lien Zhou Han

Posted date: 12:03AM Nov 09, 2015.

SIM Economics Summit 2015

SIMES proudly presents Economics Summit 2015!

We have invited notable speakers from prominent institutions down to SIM to cover interesting topics! Do register fast as seats are limited :)

 [Read More]


Boo Yi Lin

Posted date: 10:58PM Nov 08, 2015.

Trip to Pulau Semakau

Went on a trip to Pulau Semakau with my friends today! It was my first time going to a landfill and I was quite excited about it. Though it turned out slightly below my expectations of how a landfill was supposed to be (Perhaps I was hoping we would be able to don on protective gear of some sort, haha), it was something new for me and I learnt a lot from the trip!


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Cho Jaehyeon

Posted date: 04:30PM Oct 30, 2015.

Resilience, the quality that I most admire

Sharing my thoughts on the quality that I think the most important. [Read More]


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