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  • Ming Lu

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics, University of London

    SIM is a good place for many great learning experiences. Make the best of your time to discover yourself and your passions. More

  • Zhang Jianlin

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Management (UOL), University of London

    I used to struggle with studying the UOL programme 18 years ago as a student. I am now given the responsibility to help students excel in this prestigious academic programme. More

  • Aimee Xiao

    Bachelor of Business (Accountancy), RMIT University

    I believe that all my experiences have been worth it. Helping others is something that I enjoy doing and these are experiences that I will take with me for a lifetime. More

  • Yu Bing Ze Brian

    Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Banking and Finance, University of London

    In SIM GE, I learned how to effectively communicate with my teammates and how to accomplish the team’s targets and to value individualism. More

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