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Making Her Business Dreams A Reality

Taking Off To Success

With dreams of landing a career in business, Nwe Ni Hlaing (pictured above), better known as Roselyn, left her hometown in Mandalay to pursue the Diploma in Management Studies programme at SIM GE. Her determination to succeed spurred her to further complete a degree programme in Business (Management) at SIM-RMIT. Roselyn’s university life laid the foundations for her to gain important skillsets that would arm her for her business venture, Travelmiles Co Ltd. She currently runs the travel agency back home in Myanmar. Roselyn shares her story here….

An Ideal Choice

“I picked SIM GE because it was ranked as the top private educational institution in Singapore, especially for business programmes. At one of the education fairs that I attended, I learned that I would be able to complete my course in 15 months and this attracted me to pick the Diploma in Management Studies programme. As the university is connected to top ranking universities in the UK, US and Australia, I knew I could continue with pursuing a quality education and gain a recognised degree in Singapore, which is not too far off from Myanmar.”

Forming Meaningful Memories

“I took part in the SIM Peer Mentor Programme and the SIM Aikido Club. As an SIM Peer Mentor, I welcomed mentees and made them feel at home. As most of my mentees were from Myanmar, they came to me when they needed help and guidance when working on their assignments.

“The SIM Aikido Club was also a good platform for me to meet many good friends and a very friendly sensei. After our Aikido sessions, we would normally go for supper together. Although many of us were of diverse nationalities, we formed a really strong bond.”

“One of the things that I really enjoyed during my time in SIM GE was being with friends from countries such as China, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore and Myanmar during my diploma programme. We kept together even after the end of our semester and went on trips together although we took up different degree programmes. This made university life especially memorable for me.”

Her Profession And Aspirations

“After a short spell working as a recruitment consultant in Singapore, I began to take a keen interest in the tourism sector in Myanmar. I’ve always loved my country and I hope to share more about it with others. Having done some research on the travel industry in Myanmar, I started Travelmiles Co Ltd. The slogan of the company is ‘Myanmar, Unique Journeys’ because I want to let people know that Myanmar is indeed unique!

“The company currently works with travel agents in China and Singapore to promote our inbound tourism services. As the Director, I oversee the day-to-day running of the company and the sales and marketing aspects. With the company only becoming fully operational in March this year, I hope to make the business sustainable and make Travelmiles one of the top travel agencies which offers B2B travel services worldwide.”

Real Skills For The Real World

“My time in SIM GE has really helped me in my current job. In many of my assignments such as the SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis, we were taught how to put into practice what we learned. Likewise, I’ve been able to apply the many other theories I’ve learned.

“As there were many group assignments and many different people that I had to work together with, I learned to be a better negotiator and communicator as well as improve my interpersonal skills. This has allowed me to thrive in my current job.”

“I used to dread submitting reports during my university days, but now that I’m in the tourism industry, I’m made to write even more reports than before for client companies! Hence, university was really a good training ground for me to gain the experience that I needed for this business.”

Posted online, 07 July 2017