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The Sky's The Limit

Srutakirti Das left her home country India at the age of 18 to pursue her degree studies in Singapore. Unruffled by the challenges ahead, she was determined to make the most out of her university life. It was her resolute spirit that saw her through the tough times that she faced during her BSc (Business Administration) and BA (Psychology), double degree programme  at SIM-University at Buffalo. Today, she is soaring high in her career as a Management Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Houston, Texas in the United States.

Taking The Step Forward

"Stepping away from home and living in a different country all by yourself can be intimidating. Adapting to the Singaporean way of life was a little challenging in the beginning but with time it became my second home. I still remember my first day at SIM GE when I was really nervous and excited to begin my undergraduate journey. Meeting peers and professors from different walks of like was a great exposure for me and it taught me a lot about other cultures. I always had faith in my abilities and a great support system such as my family and close friends helped.”

Turning A Challenge Into An Opportunity

“The biggest milestone in my SIM-UB career was being awarded the SIM Scholarship at the end of my first semester. This was a turning point of my life as it not only taught me about my strengths but it also gave me a perspective on how to manage academics and extra-curricular activities.”

“Prior to joining SIM, I had applied for the scholarship but did not qualify for the interview round. My confidence took a blow as I was always a good student and had expected to at least qualify for the interview. However, I took a deep breath and decided to focus on the future and work on the things that I had control on. I was determined to seal the deal in my next attempt and started working towards my goal diligently. As a result, I not only scored a 4.0 GPA in my first semester, but I also received recommendations from my professors for enthusiastically participating and contributing in class.”

Where Dreams Come True

“I still remember making a statement during the interview sessions that one day I hope to be an ambassador for SIM and educate people in India about the opportunities offered in SIM-UB by setting an example. A year later, I was featured in a regional marketing campaign and a few members from the SIM Marketing team visited my school in Orissa, India to share with students about the different programmes and options that SIM offers.”

Foundation Building

“Undertaking the double degree programme in SIM-UB was an enriching experience and has added a lot to my learning curve. The one thing I really liked about the programme is the diversity and plethora of subjects that it offers. The beauty of an American education is that one really learns to apply what is taught in class through case studies, research papers, debates, et cetera. I was also an active member of the SIM-UB Student Council and Peer Mentor Programme. This helped me in making connections and expanded my network in school. In addition, I volunteered in open houses, promotional events and wellness weeks to meet more people and enhance my skillsets.”

“I would like to advice SIM students to make the most out of your time as an undergraduate. Get yourself out there and build your network, as these connections help you further down the road. Due to these activities, I was accepted in UB’s MBA programme right after my undergraduate studies, even though I did not have full-time work experience. Education goes beyond the classroom and SIM-UB offers an excellent all-round experience.”

Be Ready For The Real World

“Life in a corporate environment is very different from school. There is cut throat competition and the environment is extremely undefined. At the workplace, one needs to be very smart, highly curious and be able to get out of their comfort zone to excel. SIM-UB worked as a training environment where I could make mistakes and learn from them, without having the fear of looking silly or being judged. Hence, I would urge students to take advantage of the different resources that SIM-UB offers and prepare yourself for the real world."

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Posted online, 31 May 2017