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Stepping Out With Confidence

SIM GE scholar Low Xin Xian is thankful for the many opportunities that she has gained at university. As a final year student, she reflects on an enriching university life which has enabled her to feel confident of what lies ahead for the future.

Confidence For The Future
Low Xin Xian, graduated from the Diploma in Management Studies programme.

Choosing SIM GE

“I left Malaysia, my home country, to come to Singapore as I found SIM GE’s Diploma in Management Studies programme an ideal pathway for me to pursue my university studies. The diploma also offered me an opportunity to bridge into a degree programme in a shorter time. I was offered a scholarship under The Star Education Fund for my diploma programme and thankfully, I performed well enough for my diploma studies and I was further offered an SIM GE scholarship for my degree programme.”

“The scholarship award not only serves as a financial aid for my studies, but it also spurs me to achieve higher levels of achievement in the academic field and in my personal development. I was also able to engage actively in social work activities that enhanced my value of humanity and social responsibilities.”

The Right Programme

“I decided to take up the SIM-RMIT Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) programme as I gained an interest in the subject when I was studying a Microeconomics module during my diploma programme. My lecturer, Mr Ivan Soh, made lessons very engaging and was very helpful during my programme. He gave me some guidance and advice on the degree programmes which I should pick. As I also liked the combination of assignments and examinations at RMIT, I decided to pursue this degree.”

An Enjoyable Student Life

“I was a part of several co-curricular activities as I believe there is more to learn outside of classrooms. I joined the ‘Malaysian Community In SIM’ (MCSIM) to get to know more Malaysian students at University. I am also part of the Economics Society where I am currently holding the position of Corporate Events Director. I have the opportunity to organise events and recently invited speakers to give talks at the Economic Summit. During this inaugural Economics week, we conducted a series of talks on topics such as Brexit and Trump’s victory, giving students a better idea of current economic affairs. Notable speakers for this event included the former minister, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, and Mr Adrian Chiu, the vice president of GIC’s Economics and Investment Strategy.

“I am also an SIM Peer Mentor- I volunteer to help new international students adapt to life here. As I benefited from this programme myself, I want to help others too. Being a part of this programme has been an enjoyable journey. The peer mentors and mentees keep a strong bond even after the programme ends, and together, we are like a big family. I feel grateful to be a part of this.”

Ready To Shine

“I have learned a lot from my time in SIM GE. The hands-on RMIT programme has helped me feel confident to step out into the working world when I graduate. I have especially come to enjoy the challenge of analysing the value of stocks as we were required to study the stocks in major banks, such as DBS Singapore, as part of our curriculum. With the knowledge that I have gained, I hope to work as a Financial Analyst in the future and assist others by giving them good advice for investing in stocks.”

Posted online, 20 April 2017