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A Relentless Pursuit Of Success

By Anjhana Damodaran
Student, Bachelor of Science in International Relations, University of London, UK

A Relentless Pursuit of Success

Despite a hectic daily schedule, Sharmila Khan’s (pictured above) calm and confident demeanor, makes her stand out amongst her peers. Apart from pursuing a degree in Banking and Finance at SIM-University of London (UOL), she also juggles her time with being the President of two CCAs: SIM GE’s Economics Society and the Banking and Finance Career Chapter by the Career Development Office. Sharmila also actively participates in school events to keep up to date with the latest developments in the career landscape to further sharpen her skill sets.

“In addition to my academic performance, I strongly believe and strive for a holistic academic environment. This helps to hone and learn skill sets to enable a smoother transition into the working world,” Sharmila said.

With her multiple commitments, there are often challenges along the way. However, Sharmila’s relentless pursuit to broaden her horizon and stretch her capabilities is indeed admirable.

“Being President of these clubs require me to manage different people and responsibilities and this is no easy task. There were ample times that I was stretched and felt tired - that’s when I had to take a breather and refocus on the tasks that require my utmost contribution. It also helps to have a team of friends and family who are supportive of me. Essentially, doing work that I believe in and doing it well is what gets me going”, she said.

A Relentless Pursuit of Success

Enhancing Career Prospects

Experiences derived from being highly involved and committed to activities at school have taught her many important lessons along the way.

“Besides the projects we embark on, the time spent in clubs has provided me with the opportunity to network and interact with industry practitioners and experts who broaden my horizon to the working world. Furthermore, it has also provided me with the confidence, knowledge and opportunities that enhance my career prospects”, said Sharmila.

Sharmila’s strong work ethic and achievements did not go unnoticed. She was recognised by the Career Development Office and was nominated to be part of the Bloomberg Champions Programme, Singapore, for a duration of eight months. The program equips Champions with the know-how and skill to fully adapt Bloomberg to the needs of the institute.

“As a Champion, I have been able to learn about the Bloomberg’s Terminal and share my knowledge and skills with the general student body at SIM GE. The program is highly relevant and useful to me as it directly co-relates to my course of study. The Banking and Finance industry requires various technical skills and the usage of Bloomberg is pivotal”, Sharmila shared.

“I have been involved in projects with people from all walks of life and provided a wide range of learning opportunities. Through this , SIM GE’s Career Development Office and Student Development has equipped me with the practical skills that I need to be career-ready. I’ve also improved my interpersonal and communication skills which help make me a better person”, she added.

Sharmila portrays the value of continuous learning and fervent commitment to one’s goals. This spirit of constant learning and development is something to learn from. Such qualities are one that we all should strive towards to build a successful career and future.

Posted online 16 December 2016