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Sailing To Success

Timothy in action.
Timothy in action.

“The speed, the thrill, the danger (yes, it can be dangerous!), the lifestyle, and of course, the fact that it’s really cool!”

Timothy Khoo uses these words to describe the sport he is most passionate about- windsurfing. The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics and Management graduate from the University of London developed a love for this sport during his time in SIM GE.

Timothy recalls where it all began. “I had a good friend who was part of the Sea Sports Club (SSC) and one day she mentioned that they were conducting a windsurfing beginners’ course. I had no clue what windsurfing was even about then but I jumped at the chance to learn something new and immediately asked her to sign me up! Come to think about it, maybe it was just a phase in my life where everything was “don’t try, don’t know”. But yes, it’s a decision that I’ve never regretted,” said Timothy.

Since that first lesson, Timothy has been drawn to the thrill of windsurfing. “When I’m out there in the water, it’s just me, my equipment, and the elements; it makes me feel so liberated and free, and my mind is just at ease. I wish I could describe it better but it’s something that you just have to experience for yourself,” he shared.

Timothy’s passion for the sport took him far, he went on to win multiple medals in inter-varsity championships and earned a spot in the national team, representing the country at the 2008 Asian Sailing Championship before retiring. Timothy also became the President of the Windsurfing Association Singapore (WAS). He recalls a memorable experience during his time as the WAS President. “I was thrilled to pitch a sponsorship programme to SIM which involved having students on board WAS to ‘intern’ and organise the Singapore Open Windsurfing Championships. SIM also agreed to be the event sponsor. It was just a fantastic experience for me to see SIM and WAS come together and enrich the lives of students and windsurfers alike. For the record, because of this initial partnership, this Singapore Open event grew so large that it was eventually recognised and endorsed by the International Windsurfing Association as an Asian Championship event!”

Sailing To Success

Achieving Career Success

Apart from his involvement in windsurfing, Timothy also believes the education he acquired during his time in SIM GE has paved the way for him to achieve success in his career. After completing his studies, Timothy took on various roles within the banking industry and climbed his way up the corporate ladder before assuming his current role as a Business Manager in the Asia Markets Chief Operating Officer team in Barclays Bank PLC. In this role, Timothy works with all departments across the Bank to drive projects, develop capabilities and execute strategies. While performing this tasks, he often finds himself referring to his lessons from school.

“The modules taught in my course have various applicability in my current role. Obviously the economic and financial modules give me the necessary background for the products that the bank offers our clients. However, the management lessons such as ‘people and management skills’ and ‘the critical thinking process’ are still something I find myself going back to very often,” Timothy said.

Reflecting on his time in SIM GE, Timothy feels that his strong zest for new experiences has served him well.

“I think it was clear from the start that I did not want a typical kind of university education. Hence, I gave myself opportunities for anything and everything whenever I could. As a result of this, I made lots of good friends, participated in many activities, learnt a great deal about time-management, and use these experiences in my personal life and professional career.

“SIM GE offers many opportunities for its students, even more so today than when I was a student several years ago. The university has great courses and facilities put together, that allows for a well-balanced student life. The important thing then to ask yourself is what you want out of your time in the school. If you don’t hold back, the skies the limit!” he said.

Posted online, 10 August 2016