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A rich campus life nurtures Jillian’s Global Edge

A rich campus life nurtures Jillian’s Global Edge

Driving herself to excel in all areas

Why settle for either scholastic excellence or artistic pursuits, when you can do both? During Jillian’s time in SIM GE, she quickly proved herself in any venture she undertook. Thanks to the nurturing environment, she gained the confidence to excel in all her pursuits, be it her studies, her co-curricular activities or her voluntary work.

She shares how she made the most of SIM GE’s many opportunities to lead a fulfilling campus lifestyle.

On what it means to have a Global Edge

“To have a global edge is to be able to work with different people from different cultures and having the critical thinking skills to adapt to any environment you are working in.”

On how every moment in SIM GE is a learning experience

“SIM GE offers plenty of opportunities for me to learn. Our lessons require us to step up and learn new things. That means having an inquisitive mind, being flexible in our thinking, and being open to ideas and perspectives from everyone. This enables us to develop a better understanding of the subject at hand.”

On the nurturing lecturers

“They are experienced and competent in their fields of teaching. Always open to us sharing our opinions, encouraging us to ask questions, think out of the box and challenge the status quo.”

On SIM GE’s enriching campus life

“The role as a Director of Student Engagement helped me hone my leadership skills as I had to lead my team to organise events. These also gave me the opportunity to work with different people and build my network at these events.”

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