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Real-world knowledge sharpens Sara’s Global Edge.

Real-world knowledge sharpens Sara’s Global Edge.

Going beyond the textbook

Sara was previously apprehensive about taking her Masters at SIM GE. Much to her relief, it turned out to be less about theories and more about applying real-world knowledge. She quickly soaked up the invaluable experiences of the many people she met. Now, after graduating as the top student in her class and armed with a Global Edge mindset, she applies her newfound perspective to her work.

She elaborates more on how her SIM GE journey has shaped her success.

On what it means to have a Global Edge

“Having a Global Edge means that you are ahead of others in terms of looking at things from a global perspective, instead of just our perspective as locals.”

On global friendship

“You hear their input from angles that you have not considered. It’s interesting to see how global education lets people get together and strive towards a common goal to have a desired outcome.”

On applying SIM GE experiences to work

“My course mates in the commercial sector shared the constraints they face at work with me. It comes in handy when I work because I can understand things from their perspective instead of just going by the book.”

On overcoming challenges as one

“We once burnt the midnight oil to complete an assignment within 12 hours. It was really tiring, but a good experience that allowed us to challenge ourselves and test our performances under pressure.”

On the energetic environment

“It’s enriching, fun and adds value. I’ve missed study life, and it really boosts my energy to come here and see all the students. I feel young again!”

On her SIMTech experience

“My SIMTech supervisors were very open and helpful. With their industry knowledge and experience, they provided keen insights that enabled me to improve my dissertation greatly. They provided me with a wider perspective and helped me to think creatively to find solutions."

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