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Being prepared for a changing world.
That’s Chiap Howe’s Global Edge

Being prepared for a changing world. That’s Chiap Howe’s Global Edge - Banner Image

A globalised education for a globalised world

Chiap Howe’s work at a multi-national company requires him to interact with almost 10 different nationalities a day. During the pursuit of his MBA at SIM GE, he didn’t just further his knowledge in business management. The international context of his course also provided him with insights into different business cultures and perspectives. This helped him broaden his global awareness and sharpen his critical thinking skills.

He fills us in on how his time in SIM GE has fostered the ability to adapt to any situation.

On what it means to have a Global Edge

“It’s about having a global perspective, and understanding that whilst the world is borderless, it presents diversity in perspectives.”

On SIM GE’s Global Edge education

“The education at SIM GE is very broad; the lecturers use case studies to illustrate how business principles and theories are applied in the workplace. There are also many cross-cultural experiences to be gained through peer learning. This helped me understand and be more sensitive to different cultures and their working styles.“

On sharing life experiences

“SIM GE is about the diversity of people we interact with. There is a lot of sharing and input from everybody so you will gain insights into differing perspectives and learn.”

On prospective students

“Enjoy your time in SIM GE; don’t just focus on the grades. It’s more about the experience than simply studying for your qualifications. Just like how I learnt to adapt to the different cultures of my course mates. This broadened my cultural awareness and helped me gain a global perspective - some knowledge can’t be learnt from a textbook; instead we learn it from the people we meet.”

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