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Dony Took His Interest In Gaming To The Next Level And Learnt To Apply Technical Knowledge For A Fulfilling Career.

Dony took his interest in gaming to the next level and learnt to apply technical knowledge for a fulfilling career - Banner Image

The right mix of passion and ambition
For as long as he can remember, Dony has always been intrigued by how video games are created. At SIM Global Education, he found a way to combine his love for both I.T. and graphics, with University of Wollongong’s Multimedia and Game Development programme. From there on, Dony gained a valuable skill set through hands-on projects and co-curricular activities. This helped him land his first job at Accenture, a multinational management consulting firm. Dony has since progressed to running his own business; a venture that he hopes will someday find global success.

Dony shares the highlights of his SIM GE experience with us.

On an education that got him workplace ready
“While in school, I gained a lot of exposure to different aspects of the industry. We did many hands-on projects, so it really simulated the working world.” 

On the benefits of an all-rounded experience
Besides being President of the SIM-UOW Student Council in 2010, Dony also participated in other co-curricular activities such as joining the SIM GE Student Bloggers.

“Being involved in co-curricular activities was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in university life. It gave me opportunities to work and interact with people. I made many friends and networked with people outside my course of study.” 

On what it means to be Global Ready
“When I joined working life, there wasn’t really any cultural shock because I’d already worked with people from all walks of life. I think this exposure gave me a kind of confidence and prepared me to work in a global future.”


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