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Highlights of March 2016 Open House

Programme Briefings

With over 70 programmes briefings span over 2 days of Open House, learn how you can get first-rate education from our top partner universities from Australia, United States and the United Kingdom. Our programme briefings range from Arts and Social Sciences to Business disciplines, catering to all requirements from GCE 'O' Level holders to GCE 'A' Level holders to diploma holders and bachelor degree holders.

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Industry Talk

Learn how to perform hands-on training in real-time trading activities in foreign exchange, securities and derivatives instructions at our Financial Training Centre. Hear from our in-house lecture, Mr Lenz Tan how to read the financial data from the Bloomberg terminal, as well as analyse financial trends. 

Details about the talk:
11 Mar'16 (Fri), 3pm - 4pm @ SIM HQ, Financial Training Centre
12 Mar'16 (Sat), 2pm - 3pm @ SIM HQ, Financial Training Centre

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Scholarship Talk 

New or current students in the Bachelor’s degree programmes can apply for the SIM Global Education Scholarship. It is given to students with exemplary academic results or achievements in sports and arts. Find out more about the bond-free scholarships offered by SIM Global Education. 

Details about the talk:
11 Mar'16 (Fri), 4pm - 5pm, SIM HQ
12 Mar'16 (Sat), 3pm - 4pm, SIM HQ

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Student Life @SIM Sharing 

With over 70 student clubs and councils, a robust career connect office, connecting students to the industry, as well as a global learning office, exposing students to programmes overseas, as well as a student care department looking after SIM students' well-being, learn more about student life in SIM .

Details about the sharing:
11 Mar'16 (Fri), 2pm - 3pm, SIM HQ
12 Mar'16 (Sat), 2pm - 3pm, SIM HQ

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Mock Lectures

Experience how class is conducted here in SIM. Our faculty would be conducting mock lectures during Open House.

Details about the Mock Lectures:

11 Mar'16 (Fri), 1pm - 2pm , SIM HQ: Sociology Mock Lecture by The University of Buffalo (SUNY), US
12 Mar'16 (Sat), 1pm - 2pm, SIM HQ: International Relations & Politics Mock Lecture by University of London, UK

12 Mar'16 (Sat), 3pm - 4pm, SIM HQ: Communications Mock Lecture by The University of Buffalo (SUNY), US

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Campus Tour
The campus at Clementi has a vast array facilities from well-equipped lecture halls, classrooms, performing arts theatre and even roof-top tennis court. Join our campus tour that happens every 30 minutes from 10.30am to 4.30pm on 11 & 12 March 2016. Register for the campus tour at the atrium information counter. 

Free shuttle bus available from Dover MRT to SIM HQ. Click here for more information.

Satellite Events

Parent Info Seminar

Join us at the panel discussion with our academic staff, SIM GE alumni and SIM GE student to learn more about student life in SIM, as well as learn how you make an informed education choice for your child. 

11 Mar'16 (Fri), 11am - 1pm, Seminar Room A.4.01
12 Mar'16 (Sat), 7pm - 9pm, Seminar Room A.4.01

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Postgraduate Fair

Explore MBA, Masters and Graduate Diploma programmes offered by SIM Global Education and its international partners.

Partner Institutes include:

  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • The University of Warwick
  • University of Birmingham                                                                
  • University of London

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SIM GE Industry Forum:
"Collaborative Human Capital Development in the New Work World"

Date: 11 Mar'16 (Fri)
Time: 12pm - 3pm
Venue: SIM HQ, Performing Arts Theatre

Who should attend: HR Professionals, Educators, Enterprise Professional

Registration Fee: $50 (Non-SIM Members)/ $20 (SIM Members)
All proceeds go to SG Enable in support of persons with disabilities for education and employment. 


  • Gyan Nagpal, CEO, PeopleLENS Global Associates, Author, "Talent Economics"
  • Grace Wong, Vice President and Regional Head of HR, Samsung
  • Adrian Lim, Director, Education - Sectoral Innovation Group, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA)
  • Christine Sim, HR-preneur & Singapore ASME - Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2000

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