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SIM Netball

Posted date: 01:49AM Jan 29, 2016.


Hello 2016! Have a great Monkey year! :D [Read More]


Boo Yi Lin

Posted date: 11:21AM Dec 30, 2015.

A glimpse of Paris

In the first week of December this year, I went on a trip to Paris and have not had a chance to upload any photos from it. Though I did not really do any sight-seeing for this trip, it was my first time going to Paris and its definitely something to remember.


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Jain Arunima

Posted date: 01:12AM Dec 29, 2015.

My SIM life

Hello.... it's me.

I know you've been wondering where I've been all these years. 

I am in Singapore dreaming about how I used to blog regularly.

When I was younger and free.  

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Boo Yi Lin

Posted date: 12:08PM Dec 28, 2015.

Reflections from our climate change event

Happy holidays to one and all! It’s the holiday season and am very glad to get a break from school!

The IAS Climate Change Event ended 2 weeks ago and I am truly amazed at how we managed to achieve so much in this short 2.5 months- getting together 30+ members to produce 40+ pages worth of informational content, churn out (really nice) publicity materials to finally executing it.

I am really glad that I got the opportunity to raise awareness about climate change through this event and have to so many people to thank. A big thank you to our sponsor and Eco Singapore for having so much confidence in our project, our club advisor Dr Felix Tan for his immense faith in us and his constant support throughout this project (to that I am really thankful for) and all our members who have been so enthusiastic about this project- this project would not have happened without your enthusiasm!


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Lien Zhou Han

Posted date: 08:29PM Dec 20, 2015.

UOL Examination Timetable Academic Year 2015/16

Exam timetable for AY2015/2016 is out! [Read More]


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