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Cam on Ha Noi


OAC Hanoi 2014 - Cam on Ha Noi image Group picture of attendees for Overseas Alumni Chapter @ Hanoi 2014 

“Cam on (thank you) Hanoi!” was the SIM GE alumni call-out to this scenic, northern Vietnamese province at our third successive Overseas Alumni Chapter (OAC) event on 23 Aug 2014. This year’s OAC was significantly different as it marked the first time that local alumni got together to conceptualise, plan and run the annual gathering for alumni based in Hanoi.

Nguyen Bao Ngoc (Class of 2011, UOL) and Nguyen Hoang Giang (Class of 2011, UOL) were among the key alumni leads who have been working closely with GE Alumni Relations office based in Singapore to deliver the event. Their infectious enthusiasm and wide network of local alumni were instrumental in spreading word of the annual reunion and drawing close to 50 sign-ups, some from as far as Ho Chi Minh city.

Le Thanh Viet Hoang (Class of 2010, UOL) was one such alumnus who flew up. After graduating from GE, he returned home and worked his way up to become a Treasury dealer with state-owned Indovina Bank. Besides him, other up-and-coming alumni who spoke at the event were corporate head-hunter Pham Xuan Lam (Class of 2010, RMIT) from Navigos Group and auditor Tran Thi Quynh Trang (Class of 2011, UOL) from Ernst & Young.

At the event, Le recounted his GE student experience besides sharing business insights on the banking scene. He highlighted job opportunities for alumni ahead in banking industry in his home province and made a passionate pitch for OAC to visit Ho Chi Minh next year.

So all’s well that ends well in Hanoi.

Sing chow Saigon, we’ll see you in 2015!

If you are keen to help plan next year’s OAC event in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh, simply drop us an email at anytime.