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Getting full marks for ME

SIM lecturer’s patience & effort helps Chin Wei get full marks in subject.
SIM campus covered in sky-blue

SIM campus covered in sky-blue

More than 350 Wollongong students receive their Bachelor degrees in IT and Psychology
Top CCA award for Ke Xin’s creative, dynamic leadership

Students in community drive

Top CCA achiever Ke Xin and Malaysian club in donation drive for old folks and other activities.
SIM-UOL graduates aim for the stars - Homepage thumbnail image

UOL toppers at SIM campus

More than 2,900 graduates of SIM-University of London programmes receive their degrees.
  • May 06 Wed

    University at Buffalo (SUNY) - Undergraduate Programmes Briefing

    • 06/05/2015 (Wed) to 06/05/2015 (Wed)
    • Time: 18:30 to 20:00
    • Venue: LT A.4.02A (Blk A), SIM HQ, 461 Clementi Road, Singapore 599491
  • May 09 Sat

    University of London - Undergraduate Programme Briefing

    • 09/05/2015 (Sat) to 09/05/2015 (Sat)
    • Time: 10:00 to 11:30
    • Venue: SIM HQ, 461 Clementi Road, Blk B, LT B.2.16, Singapore 599491